The concept RE/MAX revolutionized real estate. Our business model is based on a real partnership between the franchisee and our brand, whose prestige, experience and strength are recognized worldwide. Absolute leaders in real estate marketing, the international network of RE/MAX closes over 2,000,000 transactions per year in 90 countries.

With 85 franchises in 29 cities, more than 2,000 Realtors we have become in the more profitable and successful real estate network in our national market.

The global phenomenon of RE/MAX is based on the innovative principle that maximizes the potential profit affiliating agents with a majority share of the dividends they produce. Excellent service structure generates highly motivated agents who give their best effort and it results in a satisfied customer.

The success of our expansion is due to the development of an innovative business model that lies on three fundamental principles:

Maximum Customer Service • Maximum Seller's Commissions • Máxima Rentabilidad para la Oficina


For RE/MAX Franchisee choice is essential for the growth and development of our network, composed of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
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